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Unexpected dangers of rats and mice living in the house

Most people who contract hantavirus, which can be fatal, are exposed when they attempt to clean up areas infested with rodents. While hantavirus is a serious issue, it is less so in the Bay Area. The only rodents known to carry the disease — and not all of them do — are deer mice, white-footed mice, rice rats and cotton rats. Ordinary house mice and roof rats have never been known to transmit hantavirus, and of the four rodents that do, we only need to concerned with deer mice — the others don’t live in California. That doesn’t mean we should be careless when cleaning up rodent droppings, urine, nests and dead rodent bodies. You should always wear protective gear — gloves, long sleeves and pants, and a mask. All materials should be double bagged before being thrown away, including used gloves and face masks. Rodents do carry the plague, but the real danger here are the fleas on the mouse or rat. When the fleas bite an infected rat, they then can transmit the disease to other animals, including humans. Plague seems to exist naturally in the wild in the Western states, but fortunately, contracting the disease still is rare. In California, there have been fewer than 50 cases reported since 1970. In addition to rats, plague can also exist in mice, ground squirrels, voles, chipmunks and rabbits.explanation

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